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 Fite's Professional Services is building an LMS - Hybrid Model for many of the UQMI Certification Prep Courses. Rollout is scheduled for Feb 1st, 2022

UQMI Certification Preparation

"Have you ever wondered how to get more return on your investment, or what you could do to eliminate waste in your business?  Have no fear, Fite's Professional Services can help with your Continuous Improvement needs.  The instructors walk you through the process and train your employees to help your company's investment."

Lee Eller,

Richmond Community College Director


Individual Coaching

Fite's Professional Services provides one-on-one coaching in Lean, Six Sigma and many other Continuous Improvement methodologies face to face or remote.

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"Dr. Ron Fite is our go to instructor when it comes to Lean products and General Cost Improvement training. In the past 12 years we have trained and certified over 80 LSSGB and 60 LSSYB in Randolph County. We have also delivered other cost improvement training like, “Operational Excellence for Top Leaders”, “5S”, “Measuring & Evaluating KPI’s”, “LSSWB”, just to name a few. Dr. Ron Fite needless to say is well respected in our county."

Bob Durand,

Randolph Community College Director


All Fite's Professional Services instructors are certified to teach a variety of skills both domestic and internationally. read more