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Fite's Professional Services provides one-on-one coaching in Lean, Six Sigma and many other Continuous Improvement methodologies face to face or remote.

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All Fite's Professional Services instructors are certified to teach a variety of skills both domestic and internationally. read more

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Six Sigma Champion
Six Sigma White Belt
Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Six Sigma Orange Belt
Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma 1st Black Belt
Six Sigma 2nd Black Belt - Sensei
Six Sigma 3rd Master Black Belt
 Six Sigma 4th Grand Master Black Belt

Lean Deshi
Lean Practicioner
Lean Specialist - Sensei
Lean Master
Lean Grand Master

Operational Excellence Manager
Registered Quality Professional

Certified Instructor (Lean Topics)

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MPACT  Learning Center, LLC began in 1983 as a maintenance training program of  Burlington Industries, the world's largest textile manufacturer at the  time.

  • The  program was phenomenally successful due to the high return on  investment the company received from MPACT's maintenance training.
  • Now  a private company offering more than 30 courses in mechanics,  hydraulics, and electronics, MPACT enjoys solid relationships with  facilities throughout the Southeastern US.
  • We offer 90 Online skill assessment subjects and Online learning classes.
  • Since  our inception, over 20,000 students from more than 150 companies have  benefited from MPACT's hands-on, proactive approach to maintenance  education and skills training…and the numbers keep growing!
  • MPACT  can increase the efficiency and skill of your company's maintenance and  production managers, maintenance technicians, as well as plant  managers.

Specialized Courses

Certification Prep

How to Conduct Kaizen Events

Failure Mode Effects Analysis

PDCA Problem Solving (A3)

8D Problem Solving

Creating Standard Work - Expert OJT

Measurement System Analysis

Computer Training - Minitab

Computer Training - SigmaXL

Quick Change (SMED)

Process / Value Stream Mapping

Implementing 5S

Mistake Proofing

Introduction to Lean

Lean Leader

Lean For: Mfg, Office, Education

Six Sigma Champion Training

Statistical Process Control

Introduction to Project Management

Operational Excellence

Change Management

Other Advanced Improvement Topics

Classes may be held face to face or remote

Individual or group sessions available