Fiteís Professional Services

Providing Balanced Continuous Improvement Training

Through the use of our 3-P's approach for continuous improvement training, you will find a higher success rate for instructional learning application, retention and sustainability for your continuous improvement efforts.







3-Pís:† A Balanced Approach to

Continuous Improvement

People† -† Process† -† Performance



We offer education, training, certification and consulting to:


        Individuals seeking personalized training, mentoring and support for their professional growth.  We offer both training and certification in specialized areas for individuals interested in continuous improvement techniques including: Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Computer Skills, Leadership, Team Building and more. 

        Companies working to implement continuous improvement within their organizations.

        Small businesses that want to learn continuous improvement skills without the high costs associated with hiring and training full time specialist to their payroll. 

        Schools - Public and Private for Customized Training or Public Offerings.